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Parker & Covert LLP has extensive experience in litigation involving public entities. Our litigation is before all levels of the California state and federal courts, as well as before numerous administrative agencies, such as the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, Region IX; the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission; the California Public Employment Relations Board; and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Areas of Litigation

Substantive areas of litigation practice we are actively engaged in include:

  • Public construction contracts and defects,
  • Public employee discipline and dismissal,
  • Employee and retiree health benefits,
  • Public contracts,
  • School facilities mitigation and developer fees,
  • Defense of special education appeals in federal court, and
  • Defense of discrimination and civil rights actions brought by employees and students.
Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition to litigation in federal and state court, we have substantial experience in mediation and arbitration, either during litigation or before an action is filed. Many complex litigation matters may be advantageously resolved at less time and expense through court-approved mediation.

Representative Appellate Decisions

California School Employees Assn. v. Torrance Unified School District
(2010) 182 Cal.App.4th 1040
Classified employees who did not work on staff development student free days were not entitled to regular wages for those days.

Mendoza v. State of California
(2007) 149 Cal.App.4th 1034
Appeal from judgment that Romero Act is unenforceable and Mayor denied control over LAUSD affirmed on appeal.

Park v. Anaheim Union High School District
(9th Cir. 2006) 464 F.3d 1025
District court and hearing officer’s denial of all requested services for special education student affirmed on appeal.

Sappington v. Orange Unified School District
(2004) 119 Cal.App.4th 949, 14 Cal.Rptr.3d 764
Judgment that school district could reduce health insurance coverage for management retirees affirmed on appeal.

Amanda Ford v. Long Beach Unified School District
(9th Cir. 2002) 291 F.3d 1086
Adequacy of assessment of special education student that did not include traditional IQ test affirmed on appeal.

Mary Thorpe v. Long Beach Community College District
(2000) 83 Cal.App.4th 655, 99 Cal.Rptr.2d 897
Employee’s ineligibility for supervisor position affirmed on appeal.

North Orange County Community College District v. CM School Supply Co.
(1998) 63 Cal.App.4th 362, 68 Cal.Rptr.2d 791
Appellate court reversed summary judgment thereby entitling community college district to indemnity claim.

Orange Unified School District, et al. v. Rancho Santiago Community College District, et al.
(1997) 54 Cal.App.4th 750, 62 Cal.Rptr.2d 778
Community colleges’ right to offer adult education programs affirmed on appeal.

Los Angeles Unified School District v. City of Los Angeles
(1997) 58 Cal.App.4th 1019, 68 Cal.Rptr.2d 367
(Amicus Curiae for Education Legal Alliance for the Los Angeles Unified School District)
Environmental impact report held insufficient because it failed to consider cumulative impact of noise and air pollution at schools.

Choice-In-Education League v. Los Angeles Unified School District
(1993) 17 Cal.App.4th 415, 21 Cal.Rptr.2d 303
(Amicus Curiae for Education Legal Alliance for the Los Angeles Unified School District)
Preliminary injunction against school district regarding broadcasts of televised board meeting opposing ballot initiative reversed on appeal.

Canyon North Co. v. Conejo Valley Unified School District
(1993) 19 Cal.App.4th 243, 23 Cal.Rptr.2d 495
Judgment for school district in developer’s suit to recover portion of school facility fees levied against it affirmed on appeal.

Saavedra v. Orange County Consolidated Transportation Services Agency, et al.
(1992) 11 Cal.App.4th 824, 14 Cal.Rptr.2d 282
Jury verdict in favor of employer in employment discrimination action upheld on appeal.

William S. Hart Union High School District v. Regional Planning Commission of Los Angeles County
(1991) 226 Cal.App.3d 1612, 277 Cal.Rptr. 645
(Amicus Curiae for Sulphur Springs School District)
Appellate court held that the 1986 School Facilities Legislation did not preempt local decisions on zoning changes where school facility inadequacy could be a reason for denial of the zone change request.

Taylor v. Honig, et al.
(9th Cir. 1990) 910 F.2d 627
Preliminary injunction placing severely emotionally disturbed child in out-of-state residential facility affirmed on appeal.

Roberts v. College of the Desert, et al.
(9th Cir. 1989) 870 F.2d 1411
Judgment of district court affirmed in part, reversed in part, and the case remanded for entry of reduced damages judgment and for further proceedings to determine college’s status for purposes of Eleventh Amendment immunity.

Coats v. Woods, Newport-Mesa Unified School District
(9th Cir. 1987) 819 F.2d 236
Dismissal of ex-wife’s child custody disputes affirmed on appeal.

Lau v. Glendora Unified School District
(9th Cir. 1986) 792 F.2d 929
Employment applicant’s case remanded to district court for new order on voluntary dismissal.

Jones v. Palm Springs Unified School District
(1985) 170 Cal.App.3d 518, 216 Cal.Rptr. 75
Dismissal of school superintendent’s complaint for breach of employment contract reversed on appeal.

Gardner v. Commission on Professional Competence, Board of Education of the Tustin Unified School District
(1985) 164 Cal.App.3d 1035, 210 Cal.Rptr. 795
Tenured teacher’s termination affirmed on appeal.

Fontana Unified School District v. City of Rialto, et al.
(1985) 173 Cal.App.3d 725, 219 Cal.Rptr. 254
Judgment granting writ of mandate for school district and ordering city to withhold issuance of building permits, where city could properly impose school facilities fees as a condition to the issuance of the building permits, affirmed on appeal.

El Camino Community College District v. Superior Court
(1985) 173 Cal.App.3d 606, 219 Cal.Rptr. 236
Original writ proceeding reversing court over compelling arbitration.

Newport-Mesa Unified School District v. Hubert
(1982) 132 Cal.App.3d 724, 183 Cal.Rptr. 334
Judgment that school district was financially responsible for the educational expenses of the student incurred during the pendency of the administrative proceedings reversed on appeal.

Fullerton Joint Union High School District v. State Board of Education
(1982) 32 Cal.3d 779, 187 Cal.Rptr. 398
California Supreme Court reversed school district unification plan on various grounds.

Mayer v. Board of Trustees of the Los Alamitos School District
(1980) 106 Cal.App.3d 476, 165 Cal.Rptr. 655
Collective bargaining agreement provision that teacher must receive annual satisfactory performance evaluation to obtain step increase affirmed on appeal.

Warner v. North Orange County Community College District
(1979) 99 Cal.App.3d 617, 161 Cal.Rptr. 1
Calculation of adjunct faculty assignment affirmed on appeal.

Fair v. Fountain Valley School District
(1979) 90 Cal.App.3d 180, 153 Cal.Rptr. 56
Order denying teacher’s writ petition to compel school district to appoint him as a probationary teacher affirmed on appeal.

Netwig v. Huntington Beach Union High School District
(1975) 52 Cal.App.3d 529, 125 Cal.Rptr. 170
School district’s transfer of counselor to teaching position affirmed on appeal.

Westminster School District v. Superior Court
(1972) 28 Cal.App.3d 120, 104 Cal.Rptr. 388
Original writ proceeding reversing court order compelling negotiations.


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