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    Parker & Covert LLP is a full-service education law firm with more than 40 years of experience representing school districts, community colleges, and other educational agencies throughout California.

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Parker & Covert LLP is a full-service education law firm serving school and community college districts throughout the state of California.

Parker & Covert's founding partners started their careers representing public agencies and were among the first state-wide to establish and provide private legal representation to school districts. In 1978, Parker & Covert began as one of the first exclusive education law firms in California.

In the 42-plus years since our founding, our legal practice has focused on providing superior, cost-effective legal services to school districts and community colleges. We have offices in both Orange County and Sacramento and represent clients in every region of the state. We value client relationships and have served many of our clients for decades.

Parker & Covert has a proven track record of success. Our firm understands the unique needs of our clients, and we have developed the resources and knowledge to promptly and efficiently deal with the wide array of legal issues school districts and their staff face. We guide our clients to anticipate legal issues and produce positive results.

As a robust full-service education law firm, Parker & Covert attorneys assist clients in navigating the labyrinthine set of laws that govern education, at the local, state, and federal levels. We commonly assist with questions about the applicability of law to unique and sometimes difficult situations where it seems there is no clear answer, or conflicting answers. Our practice covers every facet of these issues.

Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to provide successful legal advice to our clients by taking a proactive approach to the practice of law. We are active in statewide educational and legal organizations, keeping us on top of the ever-changing landscape of law applicable to schools, charter schools, community colleges, and universities.

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Parker & Covert is committed to providing informative and relevant legal updates on a variety of matters impacting school districts and community colleges. See our Legal Updates section for the latest information on legal developments within the education landscape.

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Parker and Covert LLP, through its Northern and Southern California offices, provides comprehensive legal representation to school districts, community colleges, and other educational clients in communities throughout the state of California.