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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week: Attorney Precious D. Edem Pays Tribute to two Amazing Teachers.

Posted by Unknown | May 06, 2021

The summer before the fourth grade, I went on a family trip and became very sick. This required me to miss the first three months of the fourth grade. My parents were very concerned about my health. I, on the other hand, cared more about the possibility of repeating the fourth grade. Thankfully, due to two amazing teachers, that did not happen.

One day, my parents received a phone call from my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Quesnel, and fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Kopecky. My parents expected the phone call to concern my health status, but it was much more than that. Mrs. Quesnel and Mrs. Kopecky told my parents that they created a  home-study instruction plan that would prevent me from repeating the fourth grade. Under this instruction plan, they would come to my house three days a week after school to teach me courses currently being taught to my peers. My parents were overjoyed and filled with gratitude. Never had my parents or I thought that teachers could commit just such a great act of kindness or sacrifice, considering that Mrs. Quesnel and Mrs. Kopecky were offering to use their personal time to teach me. I  still couldn't believe it myself when on the first day of instruction, I opened my front door, and there was Mrs. Kopecky with lesson plans in her hand, ready to go. And again, when Mrs. Quesnel came to my house the next day with lesson plans as well.

Due to Mrs. Quesnel and Mrs. Kopecky, I not only completed the fourth grade on time, but I learned the true meaning of kindness and sacrifice.

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